A little history

Before it was Gympie accommodation Lagoon Pocket B and B

In the days before Gympie accommodation, Lagoon Pocket B&B was here


Before Gympie accommodation, Lagoon Pocket B&B opened in 2002, for many years the property was the local school.


While she was a student here, Millicent Watson wrote these words nearly 100 years ago while she was at Lagoon Pocket School. Today the school has gone but not much else has changed.

“A homely spot for a weary soul”

There’s a homely spot at even’,
and a weary soul is bound
Where the purple jacarandas shed
their blossom on the ground;
and the crimson rambler roses
Nestle freely ‘midst the green
While the tall and stately fir tree
Towers proudly o’er the scene

At gympie accommodation,Lagoon Pocket Bed & Breakfast, we still offer “a homely spot for a weary soul.”


Lagoon Pocket B&B – The natural Gympie accommodation

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