Kayaking at Double Island Point

This is the hard part of being a B&B owner, you have to go out and research all the wonderful things to do in our beautiful region so you can talk from your own experience to guests. So with that in mind last week, on a glorious sunny day we dragged ourselves down to Rainbow Beach to go sea kayaking at Double Island Point with Epic Ocean Adventures.

A beautiful 20 Minute drive along Rainbow Beach past the Coloured Sands

Views from Rainbow Beach across to Double Island Point

We met at their shop in the main street of Rainbow Beach at 12.15pm. The timings of the trip depend on tide times as you have to drive down the beach to reach Double Island Point and you can only do this at low tide. Our guide was Ty, a strapping Aussie chap who drove us and the other 3 kayakers down the beach in his 4WD towing the kayaks. The 20 minute drive along the beach was stunning, there is something wonderful about driving along a wide golden sandy beach, you felt you were relaxing already.

Up close and personal with dolphins and turtles

At Double Island Point we were given a safety briefing, life jackets were handed out and we were shown how to hold the paddle and how to meet the waves (head on so you don’t roll) then off we waded into the shallow surf to paddle out. Paddling out was the hardest part, well for us it was as we meet every wave head on but I am delighted to say we did not roll the kayak! incidentally they are 2 man kayaks so lucky James sat in the rear seat to steer (and do most of the paddling!) and the lone woman kayaker on our trip got lovely Ty with her. Once we were out to sea the going was easy and we soon came upon a pod of dolphins diving for their lunch. We were so spellbound watching them, the camera sadly did not make it out of James’ pocket. We paddled out towards the point and it wasn’t long before we came across a large sea turtle surfing the waves, at first we weren’t sure what it was but as we got closer it raised its head took one look at us and then dived under the waves!

And a well earned rest to soak in the beauty of this amazing place.

Kayaking at Double Island Point - starting out
Kayaking at Double Island Point – starting out

After we had seen and paddled enough we rode the waves back to the beach which was great fun. If you wanted to have a swim you could, the water was crystal clear but after all that paddling we were happy to sit on a board and watch the surfers. Epic Ocean Adventures also run surf lesson from here and it was fun to sit and watch the surfers after our exertion in the kayak.

To go on this trip you must be fairly fit and able to swim well, and as you do get very wet wear your swimmers (not like silly me who wore shorts and a T-shirt over them).


 Check out all the details at the Epic Ocean Adventures web site.



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