Gympie’s Lake Alford Off Leash Dog Park

Our Guest blogger!
Our Guest blogger!

To review Gympie’s new Lake Alford off leash dog park, we knew that we needed someone special. So for this post we are employing the services of a guest blogger, special reporter Daniel Arkle (or better known to friends and guests of Lagoon Pocket B&B as Danny, the owners tricolour Rough Collie).

Mum and Dad have asked me to write a report on my visit to Gympie’s new Lake Alford off leash dog park, so here goes….

I’m not much for riding in the car, so when I am bundled into the 4WD I am always slightly nervous Uncle Shannon (my Vet) or Auntie Jenny (my Kennel owner) might be at the other end. But when Mum has her shopping bag and hat in hand I figure I am up for a bit of a paw stretch. Today being Sunday I figured it was a walk around the Gold Mining Markets at Lake Alford, which it was initially but then my folks turned a different way and headed up past the children’s playground. I spied some fellow 4-paws behind a fence trotting around, horror of horror, without their leads and thought Mum isn’t going like this! but Mum did, she took me through a couple of gates and took my lead off too, quite unheard of, and even encouraged me to go and play. I met a very nice little chap, Bertie* the pug, who was an old hand at dog parks so he filled me in on what to do as we had a trot around together and found some good smells and left a few of our own. Then a young German sheila called Sasha* came to join us, only 5 months old so I forgave her, her exuberant ways.

I glanced back to check Mum and Dad were okay, as I’m ashamed to admit I had rather taken off without a backward glance. Dad with sitting on a nice bench in the shade chatting to another Dad and Mum was exchanging dog stories as she walked round with the other two Mums, did feel a tad embarrassed that she was quite so thrilled about the roll of “doggie poo” bags at the entrance. Bertie told me this is much nicer than the other dog park in town as there are more trees and it is further from the highway, so much quieter. Didn’t like to let on that I am a country boy and have a huge garden all to myself and usually other dogs come to visit and play with me, didn’t want to appear a show off.

Just when we were reluctantly leaving a rather gorgeous little Cockapoo was coming in, would have quite liked to get to know her better. I could see the smile on that cad Bertie’s face as I was led out……

Humour aside, this park receives a 10/10 from me, securely fenced, lots of good smells, nice and shady, good company, sitting area for the 2-legs and a nice roll of “poo bags” to keep my embarrassing Mother happy. Yup, I really enjoyed the new Lake Alford off leash dog park.

*Names have been changed to assure privacy

Lake Alford off leash dog park


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