Gympie Doggy Daycare

Gympie Doggy Daycare

A special report by guest blogger Daniel Arkle (aka Danny Lagoon Pocket’s Rough Collie).

A little background for you to set the scene. Despite being born and bred a show boy I do not enjoy being fussed over, grooming, bathing and trimming are not on my list of fun activities. I used to suffer through Mum washing me in the bathtub and then enjoy giving her a good drenching shake afterwards. Needless to say this backfired badly and I ended up at a groomers.

I have become something of a connoisseur of Gympie’s groomers, having been to all of them now. And I am as pleased as punch to report I have found a real gem. Gympie Doggie Daycare is my new favourite place for a shampoo, trim, nail cut and blow dry. Michelle the owner is gorgeous, as Mum, is typing this for me I better keep my praise to a minimum incase she gets upset. But she is really, really lovely, even Dad agrees.

Not a huge fan of getting wet but Michelle uses natural oatmeal based shampoo and conditioner, so I don’t end up smelling like a girl! And she just loves brushing me, I feel a bit guilty because she ends up covered in fur at the end of our visit. And the absolute best part is, I don’t have to suffer bows in my coat! The amount of times Mum has embarrassed me with photos of me in bows on her Facebook page, Ahhhh!

If the folks are a bit slow coming to collect me I get to wait with the daycare pups and make some new friends. Daycare is the main part of this business and I have to say it looks fun, toys, sofas and other humans to pet you. Did I mention it is air conditioned? very pleasant indeed in the summer with my long coat!

There is also a shop selling all things dog on the way out. Mum always looks at the dog clothes and makes embarrassing cooing noises. Dad I know is on my side and it just ain’t going happen to this Rough Collie!

Gympie Doggy Day Care

Lower Level, 52 Duke Street


Te: 5482 2353

Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 7.30am – 5.30pm

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