Pet-friendly accommodation

“What do you mean by pet-friendly accommodation?”


“What do you mean by pet-friendly accommodation?” is our most frequently asked question as there are so many variations of the term “pet-friendly accommodation”.

Our definition is quite simply. Pet-friendly accommodation means, well behaved, house trained pets are allowed in the rooms, but not on the furniture.

The fencing around the B&B is designed with cattle in mind, not dogs, so we recommend you keep them on a lead outside as they will probably be keen to explore all the sights and sounds of the country!

You are welcome to walk your dog around the property, just check with us where we have our cows grazing, and if we have any escape-artist chickens on the loose! The rule of the property is if a gate is closed it is closed for a reason, so please close gates after you.

Around the main house is dog-fenced so we always suggest to guests that they bring their dog over for breakfast or evening meals with them so they can have a play around the garden and exhaust themselves whilst you enjoy your meal. This is especially handy if you are setting off in the car after breakfast and want a well worn out pooch to kip quietly in the back.

Bedding and food aren’t provided so please bring your own. If it is wet we have a selection of old towels on hand to get 4-legs dry!

There are no additional charges for guests with pets – we just ask that you ensure they don’t damage our rooms.

Pets of all shapes and sizes

Most of the pets that come to stay with us are dogs, but we are genuinely a pet-friendly place.  We welcome feathered guests (in cages please), cats, lizards, frogs, rodents and others!

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