Towards sustainable tourism



At Lagoon Pocket Bed & Breakfast we are delighted to announce that we are now Partners in the Queensland Government’s eco efficiency program ecoBiz. This is a major step towards our goal of establishing the bed and breakfast as a sustainable accommodation option.

This project started 3 years ago when we began to measure and invest in reducing our carbon footprint. Solar panels, insulation, heat pumps, energy efficient lighting, even chooks have helped us achieve a level that is over 85% less than the industry average.

During this time we have also reduced our waste to land fill by nearly 50%.

In 2011 we reduced our carbon foot print by a further 3.2 tonnes. That is a further 13% reduction per guest night, better than the 2010 levels

We were also self sufficient in our water usage. (We collect rainwater from the roof and the energy required to use it, clean it, and return it to the environment is all included in our overall figures. )

And we will continue to search for ways to reduce the waste we send to land fill.

Lagoon Pocket B&B – The natural Gympie accommodation

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